Sunday, August 5, 2018

This has been a very fruitful and exciting research summer. Ancestry's new App, which I downloaded to my smartphone has produced automatic hints with names of my ancestors and all kinds of supporting documents for each ancestor. Two newly found ancestors were a huge surprise.
   The first was a member of the Scottish Royalty in the 1500s, related by marriage through my sister's husband's last name 'Reinke'. I traced my sister's husband's lineage and found that the Reinke's were related to the Cameron's in Scotland. The Cameron's were a prominent clan in Scotland. My sister's sons live in Texas and they will be very happy when I mail them all the documents telling them they have two great grandparents from the 1500's, namely, Duncan MacMartin Cameron First Earl of Letterfinlay Inverness Scotland 1490-1549, and his son, Martin Clan Chief of MacMartin 2nd Earl of Letterfinlay MacMartin Cameron 1530-1600. Note: The Cameron Clan later changed its name to MacMartin. So, we are all very happy to learn that we do have royalty in our family. The interesting thing to know, is that, today's Earl of Inverness Scotland is nonother than Queen Elizabeth II's son, Prince Andrew Earl of Inverness Scotland. Should we ask Prince Andrew to withdraw his title and give it to our family, since it rightly belongs to my nephews through their DNA!?
  The second big surprise I discovered through research this summer was that through my mother's ancestry line by my great grandfather's surname 'Hefter', I have a very, very famous 7th great grandfather, Hans Jakob Christoffel Von Grimmelshausen 1621/22 -1676, the famous German novelist in the 1700 period. A statue and monument to Hans is in Renchen, Germany. His novels can still be purchased today through Amazon, or through a local library. The title of his most famous novel is: "Der abenteuerliche Simplicissimus", or in English, "Simplicius".
  In his later life he was the Mayor of Renchen and is buried there. He's very important to me and my family. He can be found on Encyclopedia Britannia and on Wikipedia. His books are still available for purchase on Amazon.
  What a great summer. Can't wait to share this with our Beth Shalom Temple Center Genealogy Club this October.

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