Thursday, June 28, 2018

Google Maps & Google Earth for genealogy

Google Maps is a wonderful tool to use if you wish to go back in time and find your childhood home, or a grandparents home, etc. You can type in "Google Maps" directly into the search bar on your browser. I had great fun using this Google Product. You can use your mouse and fly by holding down the left button on your mouse and clicking up and down a street in the location you found. You may also use the mouse to turn around and do a 360 degree turn to back up a street if you went too far. I was able to find my childhood house in Milwaukee by going into Google Maps and typing in the address in the search bar. This is also a great tool to use for other purposes as well, such as, when renting a vacation home, or hotel. This will allow you to view the entire location. Use your imagination and find your ancestors homes. Don't be surprised if what you're looking for doesn't exist any longer and is now a new building in its place. It happens. If you do find an old homestead you can print out the photo and add it to your genealogy library.
   Google Earth works in the same way, except you can now go to any location on Earth. Great to take a good look at places you'd like to visit and the hotel you want to book. It also will give you a map that you can download and print out.

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